Best Big Green Egg Accessories – Reviews and Tips for 200+ Accessories for your Big Green Egg

Are you an Egghead? Whether you’re a long-time owner of a Big Green Egg or a newbie, this article can help you. We’ll discuss which accessories are the best to buy for your BGE and why. Here’s a list of over 200 Big Green Egg accessories that will take your cooks to the next level. 

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Table of Contents

Here’s how this page is organized:

  • Top 10 Must Have Accessories (Highest Priority Items to buy for your Big Green Egg, especially if you are just getting started)
  • Cookbooks and Kamado Manuals to help you learn how to use the Big Green Egg. 
  • Cooking Surfaces for the Big Green Egg – including a discussion of the Eggspander and the KJ Divide & Conquer System, the best pizza accessories for the Big Green Egg, using the JoeTisserie in your BGE, and more. 
  • Ash Baskets – what it is and why you need.
  • Temperature Controls, Thermometers, and Remote Temperature Probes.
  • Fire Supplies: Lump Charcoal, Smoking Wood Chips, Electric Lighters, Gloves, and more.
  • Tools: Knives, Cutting Boards, Tongs, Claws, Rib Racks, Grate Grippers, and other BBQ Tools.
  • Cleaning Products, Grill Mats, etc.
  • Custom tables, covers, and vent caps. 
  • SWAG: Big Green Egg Aprons and t-shirts.
  • Big Green Egg Replacement Parts

Editor’s Notes:

  1. There’s a lot of info on this page and you probably can’t digest it all in one sitting so be sure to BOOKMARK THIS PAGE or save it as a Pin because you’ll want to refer back to it over time.
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  3. Consider this a Buying Guide for Big Green Egg accessories — use it as a reference and you’ll save time and prioritize what you need.  Before you know it you’ll have an arsenal of BGE Accessories that will make all your neighbors mouths water (both from envy and from all the great food you’re cooking!)

In a Hurry?

There are 200+ recommended accessories for your Big Green Egg on this page, but if you don’t have time to read all the reviews, watch the vids, and fully engage with this page, then here’s a quick ‘Top 10’ List to get your started.

Get these items first and you’ll be well on your way to success with your Big Green Egg.

(Flexible Cooking System)

A Flexible Cooking System like the EGGspander will change the way you use your Big Green Egg because you can 

  • Cook High
  • Cook Low
  • Cook both Direct AND Indirect at the same time
  • And gain a world of flexibility.

Alternative to the Eggspander?

Did you know…
The Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer FCS fits BGE’s and is much less expensive option to utilize a flexible cooking system in your Egg.  

2-Kamado specific Cookbook

You need one that includes sections on ‘how to use a kamado’ so you can overcome the learning curve faster. Here are two great options.

3-Hand Protection

This could be welding gloves or high heat rubber-style gloves. You’ll also want some good tongs and meat hooks but we’ll talk about those below. 

4-Good Remote Thermometer

As fun as it is to cook on the Big Green Egg nobody wants to sit by the fire all day. You want be with friends, drink a few brews, and relax without always wondering about the temps of your meats. Having a good remote thermometer allows you to do that. There are really only 2 brands to consider: ThermoPro or Maverick.

5-Electric Charcoal Lighter

Stop with the blow torches and the tumbleweed, just get an electric charcoal lighter – it’s easier. End of story. You’ll thank me for this one. 

6-Ash Basket 

Increase your airflow and get more from your lump. 

Only 1 brand to seriously consider here: Kick Ash

I added a demo video so you can see how it works…

7-Pizza Stone

Because you know you want to make pizzas in your Egg, right? Try one of these. The BGE version is listed first, followed by 2 alternatives. 

8-Cast-iron Cookware.

Cast-iron + Big Green Egg = perfect match. 

A large dutch oven is a great start. As is a plancha pan or even a cast-iron griddle insert. 

Learn more about cast-iron under Cooking Surfaces below.

9-Quality Lump Charcoal

No matter what accessories you buy for your Big Green Egg or how well you manage your fire, if you don’t have quality lump charcoal to cook with, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. There’s nothing like doing everything right and then having the food taste bad because the lump charcoal you used was made with poor quality wood or too much of a particularly strong wood (like hickory). I’d recommend you buy good quality lump charcoal that has a mix of hardwoods that work with all types of foods for your basic cooks and then buy smoking wood chips for particular flavor profiles you want to add in later (such as hickory for chicken, fruit woods for fish, etc). 

10-Rotisserie for the BGE

There’s really only one to consider – The KJ-made “Jotisserie” which works great on a BGE Large or XL kamado. 

Here’s a demo vid so you can see the JoeTisserie ‘in action’ the Big Green Egg – MMM.

Obviously you’re gonna need some quality meat and plenty of friends and family to enjoy your BGE cooks with, but for now these 10 “Must Have” accessories are the basics that will get you fast-tracked for success with your Big Green Egg. Once you have these in your arsenal, then move on to the full list below. 

200+ Accessories for The Big Green Egg

Best COOKBOOKS for the Big Green Egg

What, you’re starting your list of Best Accessories for the Big Green Egg with cookbooks? 

What gives? Is a ‘cookbook’ even an accessory? In my book YES. Here’s why…

There IS a learning curve when it comes to kamado grill cooking on your Big Green Egg. And it’s a continuous learning process. 

Do yourself a favor and don’t try to figure it all out on your own – you’ll just end up burning a lot of food and getting frustrated.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are a number of good books out there that can help you master kamado cooking on your Big Green Egg and speed up your BGE Mastery learning curve.

Here are two of my favorites books – they provide some awesome kamado grill recipes as well as MANY helpful tips.

After you get Hot Coals and/or Smoke It Like a Pro, other great highly-rated cookbooks for your Big Green Egg. The sauce recipes alone in Big Bob Gibson’s book make it an incredible value!

If you must have only a “BGE” specific book, check these options out…

Best Cooking Surfaces for the Big Green Egg

1-Flexible Cooking System

This accessory will change the way you use your BGE and for that reason it is my #1 MUST HAVE Accessory for the Big Green Egg (or any kamado).

Let’s face it the Big Green Egg is the #1 most popular kamado on the market for a reason – the quality is awesome, the reputation is well-earned, and the Egghead community is the strongest of any kamado cooking group. BUT, if we’re honest with ourselves, BGE users shouldn’t be afraid to admit that even though Kamado Joe is a competitor KJ has made some great accessories over the years – perhaps the best of all time is their Flexible Cooking System called “The Divide and Conquer” system. Check out the theory behind the Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System…

A picture tells a 1,000 words in this case right?

You can use a Flexible Cooking System in your BGE and you’ll be able to…

  • Cook High
  • Cook Low
  • Cook both Direct AND Indirect at the same time
  • And gain a world of flexibility.

KJ’s Divide and Conquer system has been so successful that BGE made their own “Flexible Cooking System” and called it the EGGspander. 

The Big Green Egg EGGSpander Flexible Cooking System

The KJ Alternative?
If you can afford the Eggspander, go for it. You’ll be happy. However if you are looking for a quality alternative, the Kamado Joe Flexible Cooking System is a worthy option – not only is it less expensive to begin with but the cost of the various cooking surface inserts are less expensive as well. This can help your money go farther. 

Remember when you are converting KJ to BGE…

  • The KJ Classic = BGE Large
  • The KJ Big Joe = BGE XL. 

After you make a decision on which flexible cooking system to buy, next get some Half Moon Heat Deflectors so you can to cook both Direct and Indirect at the same time or just because they are easier to use than the traditional bulky BGE place setter (aka “The convEGGtor”)

Then get these additions to conveniently hold your drip pans and/or allow you to cook higher up in the dome – which is really useful for pizza cooking too so you can avoid burning the crust. 

Finally, for even more cooking space and another higher level add these…

2-Cast Iron Griddle

Now that you have a Flexible Cooking System in your Big Green Egg tou’re going to quickly learn that the standard stainless steel cooking grates just don’t cut it for certain foods.

You want to get a good sear on steaks? Cook scallops? Griddle up some bacon and eggs? Then you’ll want a cast-iron griddle. Sure you could use a cast-iron pan but these griddles fit into your BGE and give you some great flexibility too. 

Now if you can afford to get both the cast iron grates and the cast iron griddle for your BGE, you’ll be really happy, but if you have to prioritize then get the cast iron griddle first because it adds so many more options to your cooks.

I’ve got a few options for you to pick from. Personally I prefer using the half-moon Cast Iron Griddle made by Kamado Joe – it’s 1/3 of the price of the BGE version!

If for some reason you want a stainless steel griddle, you do have an option – Little Griddle makes a nice half-moon griddle specifically for the Kamado. It’s super easy to clean and has a convenient grease trough. 

3-Cast Iron Grates

Although the cast-iron griddle is basically a ‘must-have’ for your Big Green Egg, the grates are more of a nice-to-have item in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong. I have the grates and I use them all the time for burgers, the indirect portion of steak grills, and more. Remember, if you have to prioritize, get the griddle first, then the grates. 

When you’re ready for cast iron grates, consider these: (Again option #3 requires the KJ Flexible Cooking System but the beauty of it is you can use use the griddle for direct searing and then have the grates over a half-moon heat deflector for the indirect cook portion. Bonus!) 

4. Even More Cooking Surfaces

A Quality Grilling Basket

Do you need it?

I think so. Particularly when you get a basket with a removable handle it allows you to turn fish, veggies, and delicate items easily – saving time, hassle, AND protecting your food. 

A Good Dutch Oven

Even if you have the cast-iron griddle and grates you’ll benefit from a quality dutch oven. You can never have too much cast-iron right?

But seriously, the reason you’ll want a dutch oven is because by putting a dutch oven in your Big Green Egg (and learning how to use is safely) you can BAKE and FRY inside your BGE!

There’s really one one brand here to consider – The Lodge. 


One of my family and friends’ favorite things in a kamado is wood-fired pizzas. They’re fun to make, taste great, and easy to do. 

For this reason I consider a Pizza Stone to be a must-have accessory for your BGE. 

Here are a few options. The BGE stone is ridiculously expensive so do a bit of research about your options and you may be able to save some money – just make sure it’s a quality stone that won’t crack on you!

After you get the stone, then get one or more of these helpful pizza accessories. Don’t overlook the Elements of Pizza cookbook here too. 

Soapstone Surface

What the heck is soapstone and why do I need it? 

Soapstone is great for cooking more delicate items like fish and veggies that you don’t want to put in a basket or cedar plank but do want to have directly on a cooking surface. Soapstone is bacteria and stain-resistant and may give you fewer flareups even though the meat cooks in its own juices. People also like using this surface for ‘smash burgers’ too. 

We’ve gotta give credit to KJ again here because they make the best version of this item – another half-moon surface that fits the Flexible Cooking System. 


You can’t go wrong with cooking fish on cedar plank – but cedar can be used for veggies and meats too. 

BEST ROTISSERIE for the Big Green Egg

This is a Top 10 MUST HAVE Accessory for your Big Green Egg. 

While a few companies are making a rotisserie for the BGE, there’s really only one to consider here – the “JoeTisserie.” It’s proven to work in the BGE and work well. 

Get the JoeTisserie and turn your kamado into a rotisserie-style cooker and take your cooks to the next level. The JoeTisserie is not just for cooking chicken, you can also use it for some great Brazilian-style steak, pork, and more.

BONUS – add a grilling basket to the JoeTisserie and cook wings, veggies, and expand your game even further. 

Other Useful Cooking Pans and Drip Pans for the Big Green Egg

An assortment of useful cooking pans that sit on the grates and/or don’t necessarily attach to the racks. Item #1 (The Plancha) is super popular and highly useful. BTW all of these are “BGE” official brand. 


What is an Ash Basket and why might you want one for your Big Green Egg?

An Ash Basket lets you simply lift out used charcoal and ash before every cook and it is reported to increase air flow around your lump charcoal in your Egg.

When you use an ash basket you can dispose of ashes and be ready for your next cook in seconds—no muss, no fuss. Just lift the ash basket out and give it a few shakes in your grill or over a trash can (make sure the fire is completely out!), then set the ash basket back in place, add some fresh charcoal, and you’re ready to go in seconds.

Spaces between the ash basket’s rings allow the small particles to fall through when you shake the ashes out. You can start each cook with an ideal fuel load, whether you’re searing steaks or going low and slow. You get easier starts and more even burning for ultimate temperature control. 

The most popular choice, by far, in ash baskets for the BGE is the Kick Ash Basket.

Don’t overthink this one and get a lesser brand that’s gonna be lesser quality. You’ll use this in every cook and you’ll want it to hold up over time. Get the Kick Ash and be done with it. 

Don’t Forget the ASH TOOLS too.

Temperature Controls, Thermometers, & Remote Temp Probes for the Big Green Egg

EGG Genius (Remote Temp Controls)

Most Eggheads will agree that kamado cooking is an art, not a science, however if you want to get pinpoint accuracy with your cooks the EGG Genius may be for you. 

BGE says “The EGG Genius effortlessly controls the temperature of your EGG through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Remotely manage and monitor cooking temperatures for worry-free cooking, monitor the temperature of your food, view graphs of your cooks … and even receive alerts when your cook is finished or when the EGG temperature is too high or low.” Can you say, Wow?

Remote Probe Thermometer

As I mentioned in the Top 10 List, a good remote thermometer with remote probes that won’t break the bank is a must have item. If you can afford an Egg Genius then you won’t need these, but if the Genius is out of your budget or you want to have more manual control of the ‘art’ of kamado cooking (but with just a little help) then get one of these options. 

Other Thermometers

You’ll need a quality instant thermometer as well as a “Candy” thermometer if you want to monitor frying oils, etc. And don’t overlook the Temperature “Gun” for checking surface temps accurately on your grill cooking surfaces and so much more (I use it all the time).

Best Lump Charcoal, Fire Starters, and Smoking Wood for your Big Green Egg

Quality Lump Charcoal

You wouldn’t drive a BMW on junk tires would you? Then why are you using crappy lump in your Big Green Egg?

Now I know there are a lot of charcoal options out there when it comes to kamado grilling and there’s even a list of quality options on the Naked Whiz Database, but for my money, I believe in the Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal brand – specifically the Big Block XL version. Why? Because not only is the bag filled with really big lumps of charcoal, but even more importantly, the type of wood used is a combination of various hardwoods so you get a great flavor but not an overpowering flavor. (If you’ve ever used lump charcoal that is primarily made with hickory then you know what I mean). The KJ-Char is great for kamado grill cooking in your Big Green Egg because you can use it for all types of food – from pizza, to chicken, to beefs, to pork, and fish. It works for all of it and it compliments it all well. Using KJ-Char as your base also gives you the flexibility to then add your own wood chips to add additional specific flavors (cherry, pecan, apple, etc) depending on what you’re cooking.

Here are some options to consider…

Helpful Dad’s Tip:

Walmart also has some good buys on charcoal – this includes 20-lb Royal Oak for around $15-20/bag and a new line called Western which is only $10 for a 30-lb bag! Both are pretty good options in my book. 

Smoking Wood Chips

I’m sure you already know that your Big Green Egg is a powerhouse of a smoker – capable of both hot and cold smoking. While a quality lump will give you great flavor to begin with, if you want to impart true ‘smoke’ flavor into your meats you’re gonna need quality smoking wood too. Consider these options…

As an alternative to using chips or chucks, many BGE owners like the simplicity and control of ‘maze’ style smokers that use concentrated wood chips. A-Maze-N is the brand you want for this option. You can get the full maze or just a single tube. Then you’ll need the pellets too (see below).

Here are just a few examples of the smoking pellets you can use in the A-Maze-N for your Big Green Egg. There are tons to choose from.

Fire Starter Alternatives.

If you don’t want to use the Electric Fire Starter I recommended above, then consider these other options to light your Big Green Egg…

Knives, Cutting Boards, Tools, Tongs, Claws, and More

All of these are nice to have accessories for your Big Green Egg. 

Lets Start with KNIVES

If you can’t afford to get a set or don’t want one, then focus on getting a quality chef’s knife, a Filet/Boning Knife, A Brisket Slicing Style knife, along with some nice steak knives for your guests to use. Brands I mentioned before  were Wustof, Henkels, Shun, Global, Cutco, and Rapala. 

Here are the knives I recommended above along with a few more worthy ones. Also, note the knife accessories at the end, including no-cut gloves and some sharpeners. 

Carving, Cutting, and Serving Boards

Tongs, BBQ Sets, Meat Hooks & Claws, Rib Racks, Grate Grippers & Cleaners, and More


I prefer relatively cheap, metal-tips tongs with flanges that grasp food easier. Steer clear of anything is rubber, plastic, or silicone on the tip to avoid sticking to the grill. I also like a variety of shorter (8-9 inch) and longer (up to 16 inch) for different uses. You can never have too many tongs!


These BBQ Sets make great gifts and (with the exception of the BGE official set) all of them are 4+ star rated on Amazon with 100+ reviews. 

Spatulas & Fish Flippers

I like these spatulas because most of them are either long-handled or else have a wide flipper which makes them easier to use on the Big Green Egg. 

Claws and Meat Hooks for Big Green Egg

Again I keep it pretty simple for this category – I want inexpensive but that does the trick. 

RIB Racks and Smoking Meat Hooks

A few quality options to consider for rib racks and smoking meat hanging hooks for your kamado. The first two are the BGE Official ones, followed by numerous quality alternatives. 

Wing Racks, Beer Can Chicken, and Turkey Roasters

Burger Presses and Grill Presses

Grate Grippers & Cleaners

If you need a replacement on your grill grate grippers for your Big Green Egg, here are a few options. The BGE official are listed first, followed by after-market brands.

Grill Mats

Whether you are looking for a grill mat to sit under your Big Green Egg and protect the ground or sit inside on the grates, we have a few to recommend…

Mops, Basting Brushes, and Meat Injectors

Custom Tables for your Big Green Egg

If you’re ready to fly beyond the next, here are a few ideas to get your started on deciding which type of custom table you want for your Big Green Egg. These are all from Amazon, but Etsy is another good spot to check too. Prices vary widely depending on the type of material (wood, plastic, stainless steel), whether you want drawers, how wide/long, granite inserts, etc, etc. 

Heavy Duty Covers for Big Green Egg

Personally I like keeping my Egg under a cover – especially since I moved from the nest to a custom wood table. Here’s a few to consider – just be sure to measure the dimensions of your table and give a little room to play. I’ve purchased both of these Classic Accessories covers and they’ve held up well. If you have a large island like me, the final option is a winner…

Big Green Egg Aprons and other Swag

Did We Miss Anything?

If there is an accessory for the Big Green Egg that we’ve overlooked, be sure to let us know. Or if YOU have a favorite accessory you want to recommend, tell us about it in the comments below. 

Enough reading – let’s start cooking!

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