Best Traeger Grill Accessories – Essential Add-On Parts

Traeger Grill Accessories – If you’re a Traeger Grill Enthusiast, you’ll enjoy this discussion of the best essential add-on parts to buy for your Traeger. On this page we’ll talk about why you might want to add various shelves to expand your work space, weather or not you need an insulation blanket, the importance of a quality cover, the convenience of magnetic hooks, and various power controllers.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of our series about the Best Traeger Brand Accessories. Other articles in the series discuss the best Traeger Accessories for Cooking Surfaces, BBQ Tools, Pellets, Cookbooks, Cleaning Tools, Prep Tools, Spices & Rubs, and even Traeger Swag.

Traeger Grill Accessories – Essential Add-Ons

When you purchase a Traeger Grill, you’re buying a quality product that will give you great satisfaction for many years to come, but as with any high-end grill hobby, there’s always a few more things you’ll want to get to set you up for success. In this article we’ll talk about some of the key parts to consider adding to your Traeger Grill.

These include…

  • Shelves
  • Magnetic Hooks
  • Just for Fun Attachments
  • Insulation Blankets and Covers
  • Power Controllers
  • Next-Level Add-ons
Best Traeger Grill Accessories

I. Traeger Grill Accessories – Shelves

Although your Traeger will come with a lot of stuff already, you’ll quickly discover that you’re gonna want more SPACE – and in truth this is not just a want, it’s a NEED.

That’s why Traeger makes both Front Folding Shelves and Bottom Shelves for your Traeger Grill.

These shelves are model specific so be sure you get the right one to fit your specific Traeger Grill.

You can see a a number of Traeger shelves on this page, meanwhile here’s a few examples of each type.

II. Traeger Grill Accessories – Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic Hooks for your Traeger Grill are convenient for hanging cooking utensils from and because they’r magnetic you can move them around easily. Here’s the most popular ones…

III. Traeger Grill Accessories – Just for Fun Attachments

These next two might not be ‘essential’ add-ons for your Trager Grill but they sure are fun. If you have the coin, consider these the Bottle Opener…

Or go full Traegulator with the Steer Head Topper on display here…

IV. Traeger Grill Accessories – Insulation Blankets & Covers

If you use your Traeger a good bit in colder climates, you may benefit from an insulation blanket. Why would you want a Traeger insulation blanket? Because it will help you to maintain more consistent temperatures no matter the air temperature and using an insulation blanket with your Traeger Grill will stop you from burning through extra pellets in colder weather.

As for the cover – that’s kind of a no brainer, right? Don’t let your grill sit out in the elements and be destroyed – cover it with a Traeger Brand cover.

Insulation Blankets and Covers are model specific so get the one that fits YOUR Traeger Grill.

V. Traeger Grill Accessories – Power Controllers

Although not absolutely ‘must-have’ items, the following will sure make life easier for you and your Traeger Grill.

For power on the go while camping, tailgating, etc, you’ll want to get the Traeger Power Inverter.

If you want to fine tune grilling and smoking times for perfectly done food every time, then use the Pro Controller. It also features an auto shut down cycle that reduces the amount of residual ash left behind in your firebox and grill bottom.

VI. Traeger Grill Accessories – Next-Level Add-ons

If you wanna do some cold smoking, you’ll want to get the Traeger Cold Smoker Attachment.

If you like traveling a lot and want to take the Traeger experience with you but without your big grill, pick up the Traeger Portable Electric Grill.

That concludes our review of the best authentic Traeger Brand add-on’s you’ll want to buy for your Traeger Grill. Be sure to check out our other articles on additional accessories for your Traeger.

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